Corporate Structure

Project manager

CEng Karl Han Huber (PE)

Traffic and transport planning 

Managing Director

CEng David Mayerhofer (PE)

Traffic and transport planning

Managing Director

CEng Dr. Andreas Jeschko (PE)

Structural Engineer

Managing Director

CEng Sam Vazirian (PE)

Structural Engineer

Management and secretariat

traffic and transportation department

Managing director:
CEng David Mayerhofer (PE)

Department head:
CEng Karl Hans Huber (PE)

Structural engineering department

Managing director:
CEng Dr. Andreas Jeschko (PE)

Managing director::
CEng Sam Vazirian (PE)

Management assistant:

Julia Heinzinger
Tel: +43 1 5870958-15



The engineering company is founded by CEng. Günther Eggenfellner.

The company is turned into a BGB company. The civil engineers Erhard Kubek and Karl Hans Huber join the company as partners. The engineering company "Eggenfellner & Partner" is founded as BGB company based in Vienna and Mauerbach.

End of 1993
Günther Eggenfellner leaves the company.

The company changes into "E & P Huber Kubek Bauwesen", Structural Engineering LC.

1. July 2001
A fusion of the company takes place with the "MEM" Engineering company – Management of civil construction LC. The company’s name is changed into "E & P – MEM Bauwesen" Structural Civil Engineering LC. Karl Hans Huber and Erhard Kubek take over the posts of managing partners, Engelbert Mandl becomes representative authority and partner.

1. Januar 2004
The company’s name changes into "Tecton Consult Bauwesen" - Civil Engineering LC.

1. Januar 2008
The company is split into "Tecton Consult Engineering" -Civil Engineering LC and "Tecton Consult Baumanagement"-Management of civil construction LC.

1. January 2010
The civil engineers Andreas Jeschko, David Mayerhofer and Sam Vazirian become partners.

1. January 2013
Andreas Jeschko and Sam Vazirian become managing directors. Erhard Kubek leaves the company.

1. January 2015
David Mayerhofer becomes managing directors



Engineering consultants for strauctural engineering

Engineering consultants for land and water development



Vienna Engineering award 2012

Projekt: Central Station of Vienna - Railway Infrastructure prize

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