ÖBB Lines near the Danube - Freudenauer-Hafen Bridge

Project Description

Project description:
Stretch: Donaulände-line (DLB) km18.940 – km 22.177
Donauufer-line km 12.831 – km 7.212
Point of intersection DLB – km 22.100
Track on embankments


Essential features:                        
Reconstruction of bridge destroyed in World War II
Single track steel bridge over the Danube Canal and the Vienna harbor (Wiener Hafen)
Steel bridge: truss structure in one part, trough cross section in the other part – the winning project of an architectural competition
Length of supporting framework 168.4 m,span length: 91.50 m + 74.50 m
Steel tonnage 2000 t
Step-by-step assembly of supporting structure with launching nose and auxiliary yokes
Substructure: Deep foundation with auger piles Ø120

Western abutment and pillars located at original position lengthwise reinforcements adjacent to existing structure Eastern abutment behind existing structure
All planning in accordance with flood control
Planning the modification of a quay bulkhead as anchored retaining wall

Client: ÖBB Infrastruktur Bau AG
Engineering Services
Contact person: Ing. Christian Trummer
Tel.: ++43 1 93000-33164
Project: Section of tracks Maxing - Nußdorf
Link train station Klein Schwechat – Vienna -
Donaukaibahnhof, Donauländebahn, Donauuferbahn
Extension of terminal at Freudenau (river harbor)
Project area: Vienna
Costs:Approx. €7.5 mill.
Total costs of the bridge support structure
Planning period: Jan. 2004 – Oct. 2008
Construction period: Dec. 2006 – Sept. 2008


Traffic planning
Procedure in accordance with railway regulations for railway and road construction including real estate redemption documents
Planning and coordinating the trackside equipment
Planning  relocation of installed non-railway equipment
Drawing up of tender plans


Structural engineering
Submission, tender and detailed planning of the bridge project, taking into account all assembly conditions
Review and inspection of workshop plans




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