Subway line U6 – Construction phase U6/16 – Floridsdorf

Project Description

Project description:
Subway line U6: km 20.771 - km 21.521 (track 1)
Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB): km 4.443 – km 4.819 (track 1)
Segment length U6: 750 m
Segment length ÖBB: 376 m
Total track length U6: 2,756 m
Total track length ÖBB: 1,879 m
U6 tracks on underground level, ÖBB tracks on embankment / elevated level

Essential features:
Track before reaching the subway station: ramp structure (trough)
Subway station:single-shell subway tunnel with cut-and-cover method with sealed diaphragm walls
Connection to ÖBB through a central hall above the subway and under the ÖBB facilities
Reversing track: subway tunnel (single-shell) with cut-and-cover method with sealed diaphragm walls
Railroad support structures:reinforced concrete plates and beams, pile foundation with special bearing structures (8 support structures, 38.5 m long, 5 track support structures and 3 platform support structures)
Enlargement of the underpass at Franklinstraße for bus passage and as pedestrian underpass
Construction of a control center
Construction of new, in some parts roofed ÖBB platforms

All construction works were carried out under on-going road traffic and tram operation.

Client: Wiener Linien GesmbH & Co KG
Contact person: SR Dipl. Ing. Winkler
B67 – Department: Bautechnische Angelegenheiten der U-Bahn (Subway Construction/Engineering)
Phone:  +43 1 7909-67600
Project: Subway line U6, building section 16 Floridsdorf
Project area: Vienna
Net costs: Approx. €55.7 mill.
Planning period: 1989 to mid 1995
Construction period: March 1991 to August 1996

Scope of works:
Traffic planning

Submission planning
Planning the ÖBB construction phases
Planning the relocation of installations (excluding those of ÖBB)
Planning and coordination of ÖBB installations
Planning of construction phases
Planning of temporary roads and streetcar tracks
Tender planning
Detailed planning

Structural engineering

Structural pre-design
Construction design as part of the submission planning, calculation of quantities and tender specifications
Execution planning: detailed structural planning, formwork and reinforcement plans, steel construction plans, detailed design

Structural planning of individual components was done in cooperation with the civil engineering company Reider, the architectural design was created by the architect company Kucera-Partsch.



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