Subway line U3/6+7 – Connecting Track Stubentor Station

Project Description

Project description:
Subway line U3:  connecting track U3 to U4: km 0.289 - km 0.949
U3:  km 17.608 – 18.484
Section length: connecting track: 659 m, U3: 876 m
Total track length: 2,411 m
The connecting track links the subway line U3 to the line U4. Parts of the connecting track (under Julius Raab Platz) had already been built before the construction works started. The respective area was built as a single-track tunnel using the New Austrian Tunneling Method. The groundwater level was lowered by wells.
The U3 part of the construction section runs from the Landstraße station to the Stubentor station via two single-track tubes. The Stubentor station consists of two station tubes on different levels. Past the Stubentor station, two single-track tubes continue to the Stephansplatz station. All tunnels were built according to the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NÖT), by using compressed air. The passages of the station were built with the cut-and-cover method with diaphragm walls. Parts of the medieval retaining wall were integrated into the station building. 

Client: Wiener Linien GesmbH & Co KG
Contact person:                                OBR Dipl. Ing. Schöft, Head of Department
B67 –Bautechnische Angelegenheiten der U-Bahn (Subway Construction/Engineering)
Phone:  +43 1 7909-67000
Project: Subway line U3, building sections 6+7
Connecting track Stubentor
Project area: Vienna
Net costs: Approx. €95 mill.
Planning period: July 1983 to March 1991
Construction period: January 1985 to March 1991

Scope of works

Traffic planning
Submission planning
Planning the relocation of built-in facilities
Tender planning
Detailed planning
Detailed planning of the track bed for the ballastless track segment

Structural engineering and architectural design
Structural planning was done in cooperation with the civil engineering companies Pacher and Potyka, the architectural design was created by the architects Kucera-Partsch.



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