Subway line U3 – Construction phase U3/22 – "Simmering"

Project Description

Project description:
Subway line U3: km 24.209 - km 24.693
Segment length: 484 m
Express train line S80: km 3.369 – km 4.221
Section length: 852 m
Total track length / subway: 1,784 m
Total track length / Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB): 3,438 m
Terminal station of the subway line U3 with adjacent four-track reversing facility; junction with express train line S80; direct connection between platforms via elevators; joint passage level
Built with cut-and-cover method under Simmeringer Hauptstraße during continued operation of the tram lines; construction of temporary streets and tram tracks; construction of half of the top slab in order to maintain tram operation on Simmeringer Hauptstraße; planning an underground garage in the empty story above the reversing tracks.
Rapid train:
4 railroad bridge support structures and 1 platform support structure across Simmeringer Hauptstraße. Railway bridges across Lorystraße and Kobelgasse; securing the slope from Simmering cemetery to the ÖBB embankment (height approx. 20 m) with a retaining wall as solid pile foundation; horizontal displacement of support structure, comprehensive securing measures for building excavation with soil nail walls, retaining walls on piles; due consideration of surrounding building structures based on an architects’ study.
The bridge support structures and retaining walls were built during operation of the rapid train line.

Client: Wiener Linien GesmbH & Co KG
Contact person: OBR Dipl. Ing. Schöft, Head of Department
B67 –Bautechnische Angelegenheiten der U-Bahn (Subway Construction/Engineering)
Phone:  +43 1 7909-67000
Project: Subway line U3, building section 22
Simmering with reduced extension of the rapid train line S80
Project area: Vienna
Net costs: Approx. € 30.5 mill.
Planning period: June 1994 to March 2001
Construction period: April 1996 to December 2000

Scope of works:
Traffic planning
Submission planning
Planning of construction phases for subway and ÖBB
Planning the relocation of built-in facilities
Tender planning
Detailed planning
Planning coordination compliant with the Austrian Construction Work Coordination Act (BauKG)
Planning of temporary streets and streetcar tracks
Planning of ÖBB track-side equipment
Planning of noise barriers

Architectural design: U-Bahn group of architects.

Structural engineering
Structural pre-design
Construction design as part of the submission planning, calculation of quantities and tender specifications
Execution planning: detailed structural planning, plans for formwork and reinforcement, steel


U-bahn / Straßenbahn

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