Subway line U3 – Construction phase U3/1A – Erdberg Subway Station

Project Description

Project description:
Subway line U3:  km 21.008 – km 21.694
Segment length:  686 m
Total track length: 1.803 m

After underpassing Erdbergstraße, the subway line U3 runs from subsurface level to terrain level over an open ramp. The station is situated at terrain level between Erdbergstraße and the service yard at Erdberg and features stairs and elevators leading to the station buildings above the tracks. Footbridges connect the outbound station building with the service yard on one side and (crossing Erdbergstraße) the office complex and park-and-ride facility at Erdbergstraße 224 on the other side. Another footbridge with adjacent ramp leads from the inbound station building to Schnirchgasse. From both station buildings there are stairs leading to Erdbergstraße. After passing the station, the U3 is led back to subsurface level via separate ramps. At terrain level there is also a reversing track.

All reinforced concrete structures were built in-situ. The platform area is covered with a bipartite beam and plate slab with reinforcements near the highway bridges of Südosttangente so that it would be capable of retaining falling trucks. 

Client: Wiener Linien GesmbH & Co KG
Contact person: OBR Dipl. Ing. Schöft, Head of Department
B67 –Bautechnische Angelegenheiten der U-Bahn (Subway Construction/Engineering)
Phone:  +43 1 7909-67000
Project: Subway line U3, building segment 1A - Erdberg Subway station
Project area: Vienna
Net costs: Approx. €9 mill.
Planning period: April 1984 to June 1991
Construction period: November 1985 to April 1991

Scope of works:
Traffic planning

Submission planning
Planning the reallocation of installations
Tender planning
Detailed planning
Detailed planning of the track bed for the ballastless track segment

Architectural design: Architect Winkler and U-Bahn group of architects.

Structural /construction engineering

Structural pre-design
Construction design as part of the submission planning, calculation of quantities and tender specifications
Execution planning: detailed structural planning, plans for formwork and reinforcement, steel construction plans, detailed design


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