Subway line U2- construction phase U2/13 – Extension of the Erdberg Subway Yard

Project Description

Project description:

Subway line U2:  extension of the existing subway yard at Erdberg
Total track length: 3,856 m

The following facilities were built:
Subway depot in solid construction, paying special attention to a solid superstructure
Maintenance hall built of in-situ concrete and prefabricated elements, positioned between existing halls
Six-story control center above a ladder track, solid construction on piles
Underpasses below highway ramps built as deeply anchored reinforced concrete frames
Construction of operational buildings
Reconstruction and extension of existing track facilities
Reconstruction and extension of existing exterior facilities
All construction works were carried out under full operation of the subway line.


Client: Wiener Linien GesmbH & Co KG
Contact person: Ing. Koch
B67 – Department: Bautechnische Angelegenheiten der U-Bahn (Subway Construction/Engineering)
Phone:  +43 1 7909-67800
Project: Subway line U2, building segment 13,
Extension of the Erdberg subway yard
Project area: Vienna
Net costs: Approx. €16 mill.
Planning period: May 1999 (on-going)
Construction period: May 2000 (on-going)


Scope of works

Traffic planning
Submission planning
Planning the relocation of built-in facilities
Planning of track-side equipment
Tender planning
Detailed planning
Track Planning


Structural / construction engineering
Structural pre-design
Construction design as part of the submission planning, calculation of quantities and tender specifications
Execution planning: detailed structural planning, formwork and reinforcement plans, steel construction plans, detailed design
Architectural design: U-Bahn group of architects.


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