Subway Line U2 – construction phase U2/10 – Station Aspernstraße

Project Description

Project description:
Approx. 670 m long elevated , approx. 182 m (82+100) long and approx. 16 m wide support structures for two subway tracks.
Two 120m (2x60) long and 17 m wide support structures for the station.
Five approx. 318.8 m long (57.5+57.1+43.2+80.8+80.2) and 16.8-14.6m wide support structures for reversing and parking tracks. 
Load bearing slabs with constrained columns and elastomer bearings on the columns. Support structure for the station with collectors.
The station building is separated from the traversing track support structure. The station enclosure is a steel and glass construction.

Client: Wiener Linien GesmbH & Co KG
Contact person: Ing. Johann Poppinger
B67 – Department New Construction & Subway Planning
Tel.: ++43 1 7909-67600
Project: U2/10 – Station Aspernstraße
Project area: Vienna
Net costs: Approx. €12.0 mill.
Planning period:  Jan. 2004 – 2009
Construction period: Oct. 2006 – ongoing

Traffic planning
General and detailed approval regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment
Tender and detailed project planning including planning of construction phases and relocation of installations.
Planning coordination in accordance with BauKG (Construction Site Coordination Regulations)

Scope of services
Preliminary static and structural design
Construction design with quantity survey and tender specifications
Execution planning: Detailed structural analysis, reinforcement and formwork plans, steel construction plans, and details



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