CEng Dr. Andreas Jeschko
CEng Dr. Andreas Jeschko


Managing Director
Structural Engineering Department
CEng David Mayerhofer


Transport Planning

Managing Director
Civil engineer for Cultural Engineering and Water Management



Managing Director
Structural Engineering Department


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The engineering company is founded by CEng. Günther Eggenfellner.

The company is turned into a BGB company. The civil engineers Erhard Kubek and Karl Hans Huber join the company as partners. The engineering company “Eggenfellner & Partner” is founded as BGB company based in Vienna and Mauerbach.

End of 1993
Günther Eggenfellner leaves the company.

1. Jänner 1993
The engineering office Eggenfellner & Partner is founded as a company under civil law with headquarters in Vienna and Mauerbach.

The company changes into “E & P Huber Kubek Bauwesen”, Structural Engineering LC.

1. Juli 2001
A fusion of the company takes place with the “MEM” Engineering company – Management of civil construction LC.
The company’s name is changed into “E & P – MEM Bauwesen” Structural Civil Engineering LC.
Eng Karl Hans Huber managing partner
Eng Erhard Kubek managing partner
Eng Engelbert Mandl representative authority and partner

1. Jänner 2004
The company’s name changes into “Tecton Consult Bauwesen” – Civil Engineering LC.

1. Jänner 2008
The company is split into “Tecton Consult Engineering” -Civil Engineering LC and “Tecton Consult Baumanagement”-Management of civil construction LC.

1. Jänner 2010
The civil engineers Andreas Jeschko, David Mayerhofer and Sam Vazirian become partners.

1. Jänner 2013
Erhard Kubek leaves the company.
Andreas Jeschko and Sam Vazirian become managing directors.

15. Jänner 2015
Eng David Mayerhofer becomes managing directors.

1. Jänner 2016
Eng Karl Hans Huber retires from the management.

1. Jänner 2020
Eng Karl Hans Huber retires as a partner, but is still available to the company with his many years of experience.

April 2020
Relocation to the new company location at Nikolsdorfer Gasse 39.




Vienna Engineering award 2012

For the Project:

Central Station of Vienna – Railway Infrastructure prize

KOOP-Award 2016 as part of the Viennese team

On April 28, 2016, the ÖBV’s KOOP Award was presented for the first time, honoring the most cooperative construction projects in Austria. Tecton Consult Engineering as part of the Vienna team is happy to receive the KOOP Award. With the award, the ÖBV wants to show how important a collaborative approach is for the future of building. Cooperation on construction sites is to be promoted, the growing complexity of projects, the rising costs of conflict and the higher mental stress for everyone involved.

KOOP-Award 2018

We can also look forward to an award at the 2nd KOOP Award, given in 2018. For the project “Linz Gleisdreieck – Linz Hbf. (Conversion Linz Hbf. Ostkopf)” we were able to convince in the category “Infrastructure Construction Best Practice”. Tecton Consult Engineering was responsible for the railway route planning, SFE planning and construction phase planning for this project – from submission to the operating license. We would like to thank the entire team – internally and externally – for the excellent cooperation over the years!

Certificate „Social Entrepreneur“

As part of our corporate mission statement, we see the ongoing support for the WAT Atzgersdorf association since 1998. Its aim is to promote health and exercise sports through to competitive and top-class sports as an important contribution to the personal development of young people. This philosophy coincides with TECTON’s corporate philosophy. As a company, we see it as our responsibility to make a contribution to social development that goes beyond our professional services. We are very happy about the “Social Entrepreneur” certificate that the WAT has now handed over to us!

We are very happy about the “Social Entrepreneur” certificate that the WAT has now handed over to us!